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Our Story

SDG House Greece was launched in December 2021, as an initiative of Orange Grove and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Greece. The concept of SDG Houses was first conceived in the Netherlands when the KIT Royal Tropical Institute, an independent centre of expertise and education for sustainable development, set up the inaugural SDG House in the city of Amsterdam in 2017. 

The first SDG House was created as a space where members could meet and work together towards a more sustainable future. The vision was to create a worldwide network of SDG Houses connecting and facilitating people, companies and other organisations that want to ‘Walk the Talk’: work together to accelerate and promote the SDGs. Since then, a Network of SDG Houses has been set up around the Netherlands, complemented by a growing SDG House Community. SDG House Greece is the first SDG House to be established abroad, as a partner to the SDG House in Amsterdam.


SDG House Greece will build and expand on the experience of Orange Grove -the incubator and startups ecosystem supporting innovative ventures since 2013-, the global network of the Netherlands Embassy and the expertise of the SDG House Network to drive progress on the SDGs and value creation. 

What we do

Being a bottom-up initiative, as its first steps, SDG House Greece will focus on the development of trainings for innovative entrepreneurial propositions and the growth of a community consisting of experts, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and organizations who work towards achieving one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe in the power of innovation to create a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future.


Through training activities, SDG House Greece will support entrepreneurial solvers who want to develop impact-driven innovations and/or new approaches and bring them to the market with the potential to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable, resilient and equitable future. The impact the proposed solutions bring can be on a local, national or international scale, marking incremental change or disrupting the market. Positive change, however small or big, is what we seek to achieve.

SDG House will also support new innovative entrepreneurs, from different sectors, wishing to incorporate sustainability into the culture and business model they are currently developing. 

The activities will involve workshops, meetups and fireside chats to facilitate the transfer of know-how, peer-to-peer learning and sharing of best practices, delivered by the SDG House Greece or partner organizations.

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The SDG House Greece invites entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses and organizations to join our community and facilitate the exchange of good practices, share expertise and ideas, and work towards achieving the SDGs. It’ is an opportunity to leverage the expertise of a community of skilled professionals and achieve impact in the SDGs implementation.

The SDG House unites stakeholders in Greece from diverse backgrounds and connects them with the SDG House in the Netherlands in an effort to further promote exchange and networking opportunities while moving ideas to the next stage of implementation.

By sharing best practices, challenges and opportunities, accessed through the SDG House and the joint projects of the network’s partners, our community is better equipped to enable effective and innovative contributions in coming closer to the application of solutions on the SDGs.

Join us as we begin to build an ecosystem focused on innovation and impact around the SDGs. Let’s “Walk the Talk” together. 


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